Sunday, 6 June 2010

Prawn and Crab Stir Fry

I have decided that I love crab, I got some tinned crab to make a pasta salad with and I used the second half of the tin to make a delicious stir fry. It's almost as good as the fresh stuff even if it is still pretty expensive. I'm going to have to try some more, cos I've found lots of pasta and crab recipes I want to try! The stir fry was really delicious, with a lovely mix of flavours.

Prawn and Crab Stir Fry
(Serves 2)

1 packet of straight to wok noodles
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
3 tbsp canola or peanut oil
10 uncooked prawns, peeled
1 yellow pepper, sliced
10 sugar snap peas
2 spring onions, sliced on the diagonal
1 small can sliced bamboo shoots, rinsed and drained
150g crab, flaked into bite-size pieces
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2 teaspoons finely grated ginger
1½ cups fish, chicken or vegetable stock
1½ tablespoons cornflower mixed to a paste with 1½ tablespoons water

Mix together the oyster and soy sauces and sesame oil in a bowl.

Heat a wok or large frying pan over a high heat, add 1 tbsp of the oil and stir-fry the prawns for 2 minutes. Remove the prawns from the wok and set aside on a plate.

Heat the remaining oil in the wok over a high heat and stir-fry the pepper and sugar snap pears for 2 minutes. Add the spring onions, bamboo shoots, crab, garlic and ginger and stir-fry for a further minute.

Add the sauce mixture, stock and prawns, then add the cornflower paste and cook, stirring continuously, until thickened.

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