Tuesday, 2 May 2017

More Eats

More eating! I've been up to quite a bit of eating recently. I had two weeks off work for the Easter holidays and I tried some of the places on my list!

The first was Broadway Market, which I've been meaning to go to for ages. I really went to pick up a shoulder of lamb for Easter Sunday but I couldn't help but by a few other things!

The first was a Shrimpster Burger from The Shrimpy stall. It was grilled shrimp, pickled cucumber and samphire and boy was it good.

I also got a veggie scotch egg from Scotch n Tails, which was interesting.

I had a S'mores Brownie from Eat 'n' Mess, it was incredible. They also do a peanut butter cookie sandwich which I am definitely going to try next time I go back!

I then took a trip to Rinkoff's Bakery and got an Apple and Caramel Crodough and a Creme Egg Brownie, I had to get something Eastery! I was a bit disappointed by the Crodough but the Creme Egg Brownie was so so good. It is in a bit of funny place in the middle of a council estate but definitely worth a visit!

I also took a visit to Whitecross Street Market. I went for a Pork Banh Mi from the Banh Mi stall on the market, it was so good and really similar to those I ate in Vietnam. My sister had a halloumi gozleme wrap and I have been dreaming about that ever since so next time I'm going to have that!

I took a trip to Paris for a day to see an exhibition at the Louvre and we stopped at Cafe de Paris for lunch. I went for the stereotypical and I don't care! I had a Croque St Honore, which is Croque Madame but with Tomato and it was good.

I took my Mum to Lao Cafe for dinner one evening, we had a couple of salads, Tum Lao which was a papaya salad, Soop Nor Mai a bamboo shoot salad, chargrilled pork skewers, herbal northern sausage and brown sticky rice. All were really lovely and you can choose how spicy you want to salads. The Sausage however was way too hot for both of us!

On the way home we stopped at Bridget's Bakery. I couldn't tell you what they were but they were delicious!

We also went back to the German Gymnasium, this time I had the Puszta Pan; courgette, tomato, paprika, goat's cheese and egg. It was so so good. Now I just have to go back and try the German Power Breakfast!

We also went on a Beekeeping Course at the Geffrye Museum run by Barnes and Webb. The course was really good, we even got to dress up in the full suit, and we got a slice of honey cake to keep us going!

Next is a Dig-It Mushroom burger from Patty & Bun with the Chips with Chicken Skin Mayo and Chicken Salt. Again yummy! We also tried a Pink Mojito and that was delicious too.

Now to this weekend. On Saturday I met a friend and we went to Ghetto Grillz. I had an LA Chick Bagel - chicken thighs with a green herb and lime zest pesto, rocket and aioli, my friend had a Veggie Reuben. We also shared a portion of Sweet Potato Fried Avo Royale - sweet potato fries with avocado, sriracha and garlic mayo, heaven! The whole thing was complete heaven!

For pudding we went to Cookies and Scream a vegan bakery. I had a cookies ice cream sandwich, i went with oatmeal and raisin and double chocolate chip cookies. I also ordered a piece of Beelzebub pie which I took home, this was AMAZING! Normally I shy away from vegan food, and yes the ice cream wasn't as creamy as normal ice cream but the rest was fantastic!

On Bank Holiday Monday I went for tacos at the Corazon Taqueria with a couple of friends. We had Totopos with Guacamole and Salsa, Carne Asada Tacos, Carnitas Tacos, Butternut Squash and Mushroom Tacos and we also got some rice and bean thrown in! I also had a Pomegranate and Hibiscus Margarita. All of it was delicious, really yummy.

I came back via Crumbs and Doilies and had a piece of Jammie Dodger cake, really really good. I also tried a White Chocolate and Black Sesame Mini Cupcake, Yum!

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