Monday, 2 January 2017

Meal Planning Monday

So I haven't shared a meal plan in a while and so you've missed out on my culinary exploits over the last few weeks.

First up I went to a cookery workshop at The Foundling Museum, all about a Foundling Christmas, we made a version of what the Governors would have eaten for their Christmas Dinner and our group made this Very Grand Salad. It was incredible and was part of a larger meal including pheasants and a whole baked salmon!

I made a second trip to The Delaunay. I only managed to capture my starter and pudding this time. I had Mushroom Pierogie to start, which was really very good. I then had a Chicken Schnitzel Burger for main and Chocolate and Grand Marnier Dobos to finish. Really very good also.

We also went to Mr Pangs in Stamford for our usual before Christmas treat. Again I only managed to get the starters! Shredded Chicken, Chicken Curry Triangles, Seafood Gold Cup and Five Spiced Prawns. The meal was as delicious as ever and it underlines why we've been coming here for something like 20 years!

I didn't, sadly, take any photos of our Christmas meal, so on to New Year's Eve. I went to a friends house for the evening and we had Lebanese take away from Mini Hiba in Walthamstow, we picked a selection of their hot and cold mezze and pastries and it was very good.

This meal plan is very vague and will no doubt be subject to shuffling and change. I'm not really sure what's happening next week!

Out with my sister
Beef Olives with Parsnip Mash and Veg

Creamed Corn with Baghdad Eggs (The Times)
Out before the theatre

Out with a friend
Three Bean Chilli and Sweet Potato Bake with Salad

Creamy Salmon Pasta Salad

Sunchoke Latke with a Poached Egg
Salmon Bulgar Risotto

Cheesy Mash Topped Veg Pie (Waitrose)
Five Spice Beetroot and Gammon Stew

Out for lunch

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