Monday, 22 April 2013

Meal Planning Monday

I had all my menu plan sorted on Thursday and then when I looked back over it this morning I noticed that I seemed to missing any kind of meat this week. Now, whilst this is not exactly a problem, I have a freezer drawer pretty much full of meat and then there's all this business about eating one portion of red meat etc etc and also the fact that I like a bit of variety! So I've swapped a few things out.

I had a lovely weekend, on Saturday evening I got all dressed up and went to a 1920's evening at The Candlelight Club for a friend's birthday party and then on Saturday I invited a few friends over and we had the first barbecue of the season! I also got a lot of gardening done and spent a few hours lapping up the sunshine.

However, in the meantime I seem to have damaged my foot, I picked up some sort of injury after my half marathon back in September (see even walking ones have their hazards!) which went away after a couple of months but now it has reappeared. I finally went to see my GP this morning who seemed to have no idea really and sent me off for an x-ray, the results of which I'll get in a week!

On with the meal plan:

Smoked Trout and Asparagus Nicoise Salad
Out at Pizza Express with a friend

Chickpea, Cauliflower and Cumin Broth with a Naan Bread
Sardine, Breadcrumb and Caper Pasta

Roasted Mushroom and Green Bean Farro Salad
Vegetarian Bean Chilli with Avocado and Doritos

Hummus and Ham Pitta with Crisps
Steak and Chips with Chicory and Blue Cheese Gratin

Crab Sushi Salad
Pork Loin Steak in a Mushroom Paprika Sauce

Salmon Rarebit
Out at Brasserie Blanc with my parents

Artichoke, Spinach and Egg Grilled Sandwich
Baked Chicken and Chicory in a Mustard and Tarragon Sauce

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