Friday, 6 May 2011

New York

I'm sorry this has been so sporadic recently, bear with me for a month or so until things hopefully settle down. I am so behind that this is actually from the beginning of April! I went to New York for about 4 days and we had some really good food and some not so great food. Although the guy in the diner where we ate breakfast almost every morning did bring us the right drinks without us having to order on the last day! Here are a couple of the highlights:

The first is an amazing apple pie we had for dessert at Rue 57 on the corner of W57th Street and 6th Avenue. We were expecting just a bog standard slice of apple pie but this was something else! Almost a whole apple thinly slice, caramelized on a filo base with vanilla ice cream. So good!

The second is my Mum's Jumbo Shrimp Risotto at Sarabeth's, 40 Central Park South, between 5th and 6th. This looked delicious and the prawn sticking up made us all giggle!

I also spent a lot of time in Borders bookshops, which were closing down, stocking up on culinary mysteries! I came home with 30 books and my suitcase only weighed 15kg!

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