Saturday, 24 April 2010

Maryland Crab Cake

I have now been in the States for about two weeks. It wasn't meant to be that long but I got caught by the Volcano and stranded in Boston. I have mostly been eating fast food, as its much easier to dine by yourself like that. God bless America's food courts as one of my friends said. I see food as a social thing, so going out for a meal means with friends or family, I really don't like eating by myself, even with a book. Having said that I have been to a couple of Cafes/Restaurants by myself. One of these was the Cafe at Kramer books in Washington DC, which is a large independent bookstore just of Dupont Circle. I had lunch out in the sunshine as temperatures in DC were about 25C that day!

Cafe Crab Cake Pasta from Kramerbooks Cafe and Grill, Washington DC. This was a crab cake on top of noodles with corn, tomato, pepper and spring onion with an Old Bay cream. It was delicious.

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  1. very interesting to read about your adventures in the states, especially the Boston parts, as I am from Boston. That crab cake sure looks good!