Monday, 15 February 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Last weeks Menu Plan Monday got somewhat messed around. I ended up going out for Chinese on Saturday night, so changed Friday night as well to a yummy creamy prawn pasta dish. I am trying my hardest to eat things out of the freezer and the cupboards, this month seems a little lean on the money front and food from the freezer definitely needs eating. The venison steak and chops was delicious last night, and I am really looking forward to the breaded veal with polenta.

On Saturday I sat down and wrote my essay which is due in on 23rd February, for my lunch break I had a bratwurst wrap with onion sauerkraut filling. It was absolutely delicious and really filling. Now all I have to do is check over the essay and send it to a friend to check over it too. I am so glad to have it finished.

Lunch: Sausage Sandwich, Salad
Dinner: Venison Steak and Chips with Mustard Mayo and Grated Courgette with Lemon

Lunch: Three Mushroom Rice with Vegetable Balls and Sweet Chilli Sauce
Dinner: Spinach Pakora in Pitta Bread with Crème Fraiche

Lunch: Vegetable Biryani, Samosa
Dinner: Out with my Mum and Sister if they get back from Brussels!

Lunch: Salad with Kabanossi, Cheese etc
Dinner: Out with my Dad

Lunch: Black Bean Curry, Naan Bread
Dinner: Chicken and Cucumber Sandwich

Lunch: Chicken Soba Noodle Salad
Dinner: Breaded Veal with Tomato Sauce and Polenta


  1. Why have you changed the background? E xx


    Will you cook this for me?
    E xx

  3. I changed it because I found the black on white really hard to read one day when my eyes were doing crazy things. I can have a go at the indian rice and seafood soup. If you remind me I'll do it in 2 weeks time :)xx